Global Fund’s Investments in the Pacific Region

Global Fund’s Investments in the Pacific Region


The Global Fund
Impact Investing
Jul 2018

The Global Fund is partnering with governments, medical experts, advocates, civil society and communities affected by HIV, TB and malaria to fight the three diseases and build resilient and sustainable systems for health. As of April  2018, the Global Fund partnership has invested a total of  US$341 million in 14 island countries in the Pacific region. 

Each dollar invested in fighting the three diseases yields huge economic returns in addition to saving lives and reducing the burden of diseases. The total investment of US$341 million in the Pacific region is estimated to have spurred US$8.6 billion in long-term economic gains.

This estimate assesses the economic value of better health and a more productive society by quantifying productivity and consumption gains, including through household savings, and calculating that each person who goes on lifesaving treatment is a potential contributor to the economic health of a community. These extraordinary benefit-cost ratios show the powerful economic effect of smart spending to fight the three diseases.

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Global Fund's Investments in the Pacific Region