Inspiring Impact

Inspiring Impact

Shared measurment: Greater than the sum of its parts

Sarah Handley, Farooq Sabri, Anne Kazimirski, NPC
Impact Measurement
Feb 2016

Inspiring Impact is a programme that aims to change the way the UK voluntary sector thinks about impact. This programme is managed and delivered by seven organisations. The Report on shared measurement, published in 2016, was led by NPC (New Philanthropic Capital). Shared measurement involves charities and social enterprises working on similar issues, and towards similar goals, reaching a common understanding of what to measure, and developing the tools to do so.[nbsp]Inspiring Impact’s work on shared measurement aims to develop common indicators and tools for specific fields or interventions to help share and compare results, methods and lessons, and identify the most effective solutions. This work is led by NPC (New Philanthropic Capital).

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Shared Measurement: Greater than the Sum of its parts