insights from the frontier of impact investing: 2018

Impact Investing SDGs
May 2018

This report,T100 Powered Ascent: Insights from the Frontiers of Impact Investing 2018 (Powered Ascent report), the second in the T100 Impact Portfolio Series, combines an analysis of investment portfolio data from 76 Toniic 100% Impact Network member investment portfolios with stories of their personal journeys These portfolios represent US$2 8 billion of capital committed to impact investments, with US$2 3 billion deployed into impact as of December 2016 or 2017. This is an almost doubling of the size of assets studied compared to the first T100 Impact Portfolio Series report in 2016 The 76 portfolios range in size from less than US$2 million to more than US$500 million in assets.
The Powered Ascent report, second in the T100 Impact Portfolio Series, reveals that impact investors with a wide range of asset sizes are:
 - going farther faster;
-  meeting their financial goals while deepening impact performance; and
-  benefiting from a maturing impact marketplace that is enabling depth, diversification, and measurement.

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