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Investing Responsibly Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Corporate Responsibility and ESG at Pantheon

SDG 13: Climate action, SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals,
 Nov 2018

October 30, 2018 - Now in our second decade of championing stewardship through ESG engagement and corporate responsibility, Pantheon is delighted to showcase our new interactive insights into these important areas of our daily life.

“Investing Responsibly Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow” profiles the steps we take across our firm to achieve this ambition. It covers how we analyze ESG risk in our investment portfolios, our engagement with our GPs and trade association partners, our approach to climate change and issues management, how we integrate sound ESG practices with value creation, our cyber security, community and social impact initiatives, and our workforce diversity commitment. We use case studies and real examples to bring to life these important concerns. Last, but not least we share our Lead by Example internal campaign which encourages our global team to consider our own impact on the environment.

“Every single member of our organization is motivated to do the right thing for our investors, and for society more broadly,” explains Alex Scott, Partner and a member of Pantheon’s ESG Committee. “We have seen that incorporating ESG into our investment process is not only the right practice by our planet and people, it is also good for business.”

Pantheon monitors ESG risk across 7,000 global companies, augmenting this through our proactive GP engagement on 346 Advisory Boards. We have assigned ESG risk ratings to around 175 GPs.

“As a prominent and sizeable investor in private markets, we are well positioned to make a difference andto follow through where we allocate capital with active engagement across the industry,” Alex Scott continued. “ We are proud to have the opportunity to reflect on the breadth of our corporate responsibility and ESG coverage through the insights we are publishing today. Pantheon has placed emphasis for many years on strong stewardship across our investment strategies and across our firm, so we have also welcomed the opportunity to challenge ourselves to continue to drive progress and demonstrate leadership.”


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