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Eyes on the Horizon

The Impact Investor Survey

 J.P. Morgan, the GIIN, Yasemin Saltuk, Ali El Idrissi, Amit Bouri, Abhilash Mudaliar, Hannah Schiff
  May 2015

Eyes on the Horizon, the 2015 edition of the GIIN and J.P. Morgan annual impact investor survey, reveals a growing global market, with impact investments being made across all geographies and a range of sectors. In its fifth year, the survey continues to provide ...

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Women Rule: Why the Future of Social, Sustainable and Impact Investing is in Female Hands

 Marta Maretich (Triple Pundit)
  Apr 2015

In the early days of the social investing movement, women and girls were arguably seen more as program beneficiaries than financial movers and shakers. This article presents the growing active role of women in impact investing as female investors, female advisors and female head of ...

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Women Rule

Investing in Sustainable Development Goals

Action Plan for Private Investments in SDGs

  Mar 2015

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals need a step-change in investment. Faced with common global economic, social and environmental challenges,the international community is defining a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs, which are being formulated by the United Nations together with the ...

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Investing in Sustainable Development Goals

Impact Investment

A Practical Guide to Investment Process and Social Impact Analysis

 Keith A. Allman, Ximena Escobar de Nogales
  Feb 2015

Published in 2015, a must-read guide for investors and wealth managers entering "impact investing." This book walks readers through the demanding task of properly executing an impact investment strategy. Readers will learn how impact investing is different from other strategies, how the organization's mission ...

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Impact Investment 2015

Social Impact Investing

Building the Evidence Base

  Feb 2015

This publication provides a framework for assessing the social impact investment market and focuses on the need to build the evidence base. It highlights the importance of further international collaborations in developing global standards on definitions, data collection, impact measurement and evaluation of policies. In ...

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Sustainable development goals: all you need to know

 Liz Ford (The Guardian)
  Jan 2015

Overview on the SDGs aims and history of origins. The article explains why the SDGs follow the Milliennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the evolution in the approach of this new set of goals. The articles last amendment took place in September 2015 when the goals ...

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Sustainable Development Goals

The Hows and Whys of Social Imapct Investing

Financial innovation driving social innovation

 Cyrille Langendorff, National Advisory Board on Impact Investing
  Jan 2015

It is the opinion of the National Advisory Board that, as the market and public policies currently stand in France, addressing social requirements which are being met only partially or not at all, involves promoting major social and financial innovations, including impact investing. the latter ...

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The Hows and Why of Social Impact Investing

Measuring the “impact” in impact investing

 Ivy So & Alina Staskevicius, Harvard Business School
  Jan 2015

This study aims to deepen the understanding of specific practices and methodologies that established impact investors are using to measure the social impact generated by their investments. It further provides an analysis of the conditions most relevant for each measurement method. The authors conducted over ...

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Impact Investment in Africa: Trends, Constraints and Opportunities

 United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  Jan 2015

In 2013, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), through its regional private sector unit African Facility for Inclusive Markets (AFIM), produced a flagship report on “Realizing Africa’s Wealth – Building Inclusive Businesses for Shared Prosperity”. This flagship report looked specifically at inclusive businesses in sub-Saharan ...

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Impact Investing In Africa